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The MLGS Group Coaching Program will be kicking off on the Summer Solstice!

Space will be limited to no more than eight mid-life growth spurters.


What is life asking of you right now?

Jen uses a holistic approach to support you in clarifying what is most important to you, uncovering and befriending conditioned habits and tendencies, and cultivating qualities that enhance your life and build greater resiliency.

Book your free intro call to find out how holistic coaching might be a great fit for you.

Discover Coaching

Coaching is about discovery, awareness, and choice. It is a way of effectively empowering you to find your own answers and make important choices while being encouraged, seen, and supported along the way.

Discover Coaching

You are ready to make a shift in your life. You are ready to be less busy and overwhelmed, ready to turn the noise down in your life so that you can finally focus on yourself.

Discover Coaching

I am a national board  certified coach with a

Master's in Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching.

I employ holistic and gentle coaching to partner with you in nurturing healthy,

fulfilling change.

Discover Coaching

Together, we will transform your life challenge into

a life growth spurt

by facilitating meaningful

 conversations, setting realistic goals, and illuminating your inner strengths and values.

"Jen makes you feel at ease and is really gracious with the human element of advancing your most important cause, and achieving your goals."

—Lori S.

Hi, I'm Jen Tillman

Being a more JenTill-Human (gentle human) is my lifelong practice. 

As your coach, I create a safe space where an energetic and powerful co-presence emerges and dances  This dance empowers you with a supported freedom to explore what is most important to you while revealing opportunities for you to experiment with new, centered choices and actions, shifting your life.  

Meet Jen Tillman


Adventure (Spokes) is out there.

Adventure Spokes Endurance is a project that combines my two passions: holistic life coaching and cycling. Experience 1:1 coaching, community support, and endurance cycle training in this 5-month program.

Jen is an amazing coach who helps me advance my most personal interests in a compelling way. She provides a motivational framework that fits your objectives in a personalized way.  Jen makes you feel at ease and is really gracious with the #human element of advancing your most important cause, and achieving your goals. I highly recommend Jen as a Wellness & Life Coach.  

—Lori S.

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