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Hi, I'm Jen


I'm the founder of JentillHuman, and I identify as a queer, lesbian, caucasian mid-life Gen-Xer. Being born into a middle-class broken home family, I met early childhood traumas and multiple losses at a young age, including the death of my sister, who overdosed at age 18 when I was just 21 years old. 

For many years my primary ambition was to outrun my emotions, and I did so successfully for a long time until that pain finally caught up with me and I found myself being faced with the decision to transform or to stay the same. Each time I chose the transformation route, I discovered new truths about myself, new passions, and new amazing things to look forward to. And here, in my own mid-life growth spurt, my jentillhuman commitment was born.

As a dedicated practitioner and continuously evolving gentle human, my coaching focuses on serving those seeking ways to navigate life's challenges and changes, heal, reinvent, and discover their truth, authenticity, and purpose. I believe in prioritizing the human first, and I firmly believe the first human to prioritize is Yourself.

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​My Message to my Self and to You

  • You are worthy, whole, and deserve great love.

  • Your questions will guide and shape your life.

  • Trust that you have your answers within you.

  • You are and will become the One you have been waiting for.

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