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Embracing Mid-Life as a Growth Spurt (MLGS)

A Jen-till-Human Summer of Abundance

Group Coaching Program

Group Program Runs:  June 20 to August 20th

Registration Closes: June 19, 2024

Why a MLGS Group Coaching may be right for you?

The Summer Solstice will arrive on June 20th at 4:50P EST in the northern hemisphere. She will bring us the longest day and the shortest night of the year and will usher in our Summer Season associated with the element of Fire. 

The word Solstice comes from the Latin root solstitium, which can be translated as:

  • "point at which the sun seems to stand still"

  • "sun" + "to stand still, to take a stand; to set, place, cause to stand."

It is a time when the sun is most potent and is recognized as a time of powerful healing. Many ancients from the Aztecs to the Druids gathered to celebrate the height of the sun's power.  In Chinese medicine and the Science of Ayurveda, the summer season is associated to the fire element which represents warmth, passion, and creativity.  It is a time of expansion, growth, and embracing the fullness of life.  

  • the color associated with fire is Red

  • the climate of fire is Hot

  • and the sound connected with fire is Laughter

The Summer gives us the power to fully appreciate and celebrate life and its bounty.  It is the season of growth and maturation where our gardens burst with flowers and vegetables, and our social life expands with picnics, outdoor play, and leisure.

  • What does the Solstice mean to you in your life right now?

  • How is the Sun shining upon your life and your Soul?

  • How will the summer fire expand you in meaningful ways?

  • What will bring you into balance during this intense season? 

  • How will you be inspired and supported by others who share your mission?


Experience the alchemy and healing power of a small group that shares your intention and commitment to invest in this journey. This MLGS group coaching program is a 5-workshop journey that blends the power of 1:1 life coaching with group collaboration and coaching. 


If you are ready to join a safe, tight-knit community of fellow mid-life growth spurters, ready to explore deep inner work, make new friends, and cultivate new intentional habits and practices, then this is the garden for you.  

What you get

  • Five 90-minute group coaching workshops

  • Two individual coaching sessions with Jen

  • Resources, tools, and practices to support your journey

  • A private collaboration platform for communicating in between workshops

  • Join a group of no more than 8 mid-life growth spurters each of whom will be interviewed by Jen to ensure safety and a positive group fit.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our FAQ section on the bottom of this page.

What other Mid-Life Growth
Spurters are Saying?

"The sessions were a catalyst for real change in my life, with results that are undeniable. Jen’s guidance and perception are instrumental in providing the focus and clarity to define what my intentions are, to set them, and move towards them. The speed at which they begin to come to me are nothing less than astonishing. Working with Jen has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and I recommend working with her completely."  (~Steph)

5 Workshop Curriculum

Module 1:

Appreciating  Sunlight and Intention

DATE: Thu June 20th

TIME:  5:30-7:00p ET

RHYTHM: Solstice, Full Moon

Module 2: Intuition

Listening to and Trusting my Intuition

DATE: Tue July 2, 2024

TIME:  5:30-7:00p ET

RHYTHM: New Moon

Module 3: Balance

Designing Balance into my Life

DATE: Tue July 16th

TIME:  5:30-7:00p ET

RHYTHM: Full Moon

Module 4:

Practicing Gentle Being and Doing

DATE: Tue Aug 6th

TIME:  5:30-7:00p ET

RHYTHM: New Moon

Module 5:  Integration

Integrating into my Path Forward

DATE: Tue Aug 20th

TIME:  5:30-7:00p ET

RHYTHM: Full Moon

  • What is the pricing for the program
    Registration will close on June 19, 2024 at 11:59P EST. Pricing is as follows: $750 - if paid via Zelle $775 - if paid via Venmo/Paypal
  • How many participants do you expect to be in your program?
    We will be limiting our program to no more than 24 riders. Our monthly ride groups will be at most 12 riders per group and organized based on rider skill and fitness ability. It is important to us to ensure all riders feel safe and encouraged while stretching their limits.
  • What skill and fitness level must I have to participate in the program?
    You have some experience riding trails with roots and rocks, and can ride continuously for 90+ minutes.
  • What if I have never raced before?
    This program is designed to prepare you for completing a big event whether that is a specific race like the Transylvania Epic MTB Stage Race or a big adventure with your friends in the mountains.
  • When and where will the monthly group rides take place?
    When: We will be targeting Saturdays with a rain date on Sunday (of the same weekend). Where: We will start with rides in Patapsco, and, based on the group's abilities, progress to the Frederick Watershed/Gambrill and Michaux.
  • How will the group rides be organized?
    Group rides will have a 12-person maximum and be split into smaller groups based on skill/fitness level. It is important to us to ensure all riders feel safe and encouraged while stretching their limits.
  • Tell me more about the Learning Seminars.
    We will host five specific learning seminars with local-area experts. These sessions will take place on Sundays at Patapsco Bikes in Elkridge and will be recorded for those who cannot attend in person. Topics we are targeting are bike maintenance, mobility/injury prevention, nutrition, mindfulness/self-care, and preparing for your event.
  • What's included in the Rothrock Training Camp weekend?
    We will be leading 3 curated rides that traverse sections of the TSE stage race course. We will have a late afternoon/early evening "happy hour" ride on Friday. Saturday and Sunday, we will cover more terrain and provide additional options for those needing to depart early. You will be responsible for food and lodging. For those interested in #camplife, we will stay at the Seven Mountains Campground as our base camp for the weekend (1 mile from the TSE camp). Seven Mountains provides many camping options, from rustic to full amenities. We will provide more information for those who are interested.
  • Tell me about the Training Plan.
    The 21-week cycling training plan will prepare you for the Transylvania Epic 3 or 5-day stage race event (or your next big challenge) and is intended to start on January 1, 2024. The plan will be periodized into five phases and will include weekly target workouts and goals that you progress toward your May event. You will select from two available plans based on your specific goals and life management parameters: Our medium-volume plan is designed to prepare you for the TSE 3-day event or medium-length endurance event. You can dedicate approximately 8-11 hours per week on the bike. Our high-volume plan is designed to prepare you for the TSE 5-day or longer endurance event. You can dedicate approximately 10-14+ hours per week to the bike. The training plans will have similar goals and workouts, creating opportunities for group members to train together outside of our regular monthly rides. If you want to customize your plan and/or want regular 1:1 feedback throughout the program, please contact us to discuss a VIP coaching option right for you.
  • Have a question that is not listed here...
    Please send your question to or attend our Webinar Overview on Monday, December 4th at 7:00P ET.
  • Resources from our December 4th Webinar Call
    Link to the recorded Webinar Video: Webinar Presentation: What were the themes we heard were most important from our Webinar guests: Questions we received: How quickly does the TSE sell-out? Generally if you commit before April, you will be ok. What kind of mountain bike do I need? We recommend a full suspension or hardtail in good working order. (This person will likely ride a 2.5" tire hard tail and we think she'll do well) When are the group rides? We will target Saturdays with Sunday as a backup plan due to the weather. We can make minor adjustments as needed based on changing weather conditions. Does the TSE have sweepers? Do I need to worry about stage cut-off's? TSE focuses on safety and will have sweepers on course. They also have volunteers pre-ride the course the morning of the race to ensure course markings are good-to-go. And their stage maximums are very generous!
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