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JentillHuman provides companies, universities, and groups with a framework for growth. Jen inspires the audience to partake in Courageous Leadership and forces them to acknowledge their armor. I'd recommend this workshop to any business looking to make a difference/change. Her honesty creates an illuminating setting for the group, while making the audience feel open to engagement. This workshop is vital for the generational changes awaiting the workforce.

Maddie Mitchell

Jen's workshop opened up my mind to the power of vulnerability and encouraged me to embrace being vulnerable with myself and others.


Jen is an amazing coach who helps me advance my most personal interests in a compelling way.  She provides a motivational framework that fits your objectives in a personalized way.  Jen makes you feel at ease and is really gracious with the #human element of advancing your most important cause, and achieving your goals.  I highly recommend Jen as a Wellness & Life Coach.  

Lori S.

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